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Create your Teachable course and get more students and sales.

We are experts in building sales funnels for Teachable.

You are the expert instructor in your subject and we are experts in finding new students and sending these high quality candidates to enrol in your Teachable school.

How It Works

It can be overwhelming trying to find the perfect students for your courses. We take the pain away by building you an evergreen sales funnel bringing a constant flow of new students to enrol on your courses - every day!

Step One

We research and identify where potential students are hanging out online and send them to your school.

Step Two

We optimise your Teachable sales page to be part of a high converting sales funnel, using tried and tested techniques.

Step Three

We build an automated evergreen sales funnel to constantly sell your Teachable courses to new students every day.

Making Teachable

  • Sales growth strategy - create a constant flow of new students and sales
  • Sales funnel design and implementation - automate your selling process
  • Course pricing and proposition creation - expert advise on maximising your profit
  • 3rd party technical integration fixed - collect data, send emails, re-market without the pain
  • Course launch plan - we help you maximise sales through tried and tested launch strategies
  • Gain students by improving your 'Social Proof' Profile - stand out online and be seen as the expert in your field

I have tried marketing but it didn't work!

Teachable has some great insights on how to use email, webinars and digital marketing to promote your course. But ultimately they are a video hosting service and don't provide you the services to do this directly. If you have managed to conquer the technical jungle of third party integration, then you will know these tools play a valuable role in promoting your courses but they are just a small part of the marketing mix and even if you use them effectively, they don't guarantee new sales on their own. You need a complete sales funnel solution to tie all the pieces of together.

Why is my course not selling?

The good news is It's very rarely your course content. Sales funnels are simple math. The more students you feed into the top of the funnel the more sales conversions you will achieve. Many times the lack of new students visiting your sales page on Teachable is the main problem. However, it is often the case that the structure of your sales page and your messaging can also be barriers to selling courses. A sales funnel takes every element of the sales process and takes students on a simple and convincing journey to enrol on your course, creating a constant flow of new sales.

"I invested a huge amount into my sales training courses and I was heartbroken at the lack of sales. The Reachable team transformed my offering and built a fully automated sales funnels which has delivered new students every day!"
Julie Patterson
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This is not a software service but a team of dedicated experts who will manually audit and review your current offering, providing you with a full implementation and action plan on what needs to happen to build a successful funnel for your course. Once this is complete we offer a full portfolio of services to build your sales funnel dependant on your needs and budget.

Get Started

Our first task will be to audit your sales page and existing marketing. Producing a detailed report, scoring your site and providing a clear, costed action plan on how to build an effective Teachable sales funnel.


Sales Funnel Audit
  • Score your funnel
  • Identify all issues and problems
  • Provide costed action plan
  • Audit report within 72 hours
  • Audit refund guarantee

Frequently Asked Questions

A sales funnel is a series of steps a new student takes in order to purchase your course.  These include steps such as: initial awareness and need of your course; their interest in enrolling; an intent to go ahead and finally purchasing your course. 

These steps can occur in multiple places for example from a Facebook Ad or webinar, to a ‘squeeze’ page containing a lead magnet (a free download in exchange for their contact data) and a sales page which is designed in such a was as to maximise sales conversions.

Each of these steps has industry benchmarks for how many people you should be expecting to go to the next step of the funnel.  i.e how many clicks you need from and Ad to get one download of a lead magnet and how many lead magnets need to be downloaded to get one sale. 

This process will identify where negative steps are in your sales funnel so they can be rectified.  The Teachable site builder has many of the components needed to build a sales funnel but often it needs to be customising (using HTML) in order for the sales funnel to be optimised for greater sales conversions.

Yes, Teachable recommends the use of many third party services in order to help promote your course, such as Webinar Registration Page: Leadpages or Webinar Hosting: GoToWebinar and Aweber for email automation.  In addition Facebook Ads, Google Ad words, Linkedin, Pintrest and Zappier are all also recommended.

We understand this can be overwhelming and this third party software requires  technical competence and incredible amounts of time to implement and test.  Even then you are not guaranteed that all these ‘parts’ will work together to produce new course sales through your sales funnel. 

We will integrate all the necessary third party services together to create a ‘well oiled sales funnel ‘ which will seamlessly join together your marketing, sales and re-targeting into one high converting sales funnel solution for Teachable. 

Yes, we are a service provider who specialise in building the sales funnel for you, you will own all the software accounts and customer data.  Once we have built your sales funnel you can terminate our services at any time, retaining all of your data and services.

We can continue to manage the sales funnel for you, making ongoing improvements where needed, promoting new courses or exploiting new market opportunities for you.  We will be your ongoing technical support and sales funnel consultants for as long as you require our assistance.

Month one is when we complete the audit, overhaul your sales pages and marketing to build your sales funnel.   From month two we start the process of sending new student into the sales funnel. 

Then over each subsequent month the number of new students will rise as we increase the sales funnels performance.  Our goal is to have our service paying for itself by month 2 or 3 so you want to retain our services moving forward.

Once an audit is completed, should you wish to use our services to implement your sales funnel, your Sales Funnel Audit purchase of $150 will be credited back to you from the first month of work.

The work we typically undertake for clients is:

Sales funnel design; paid social media advertising; influencer engagement; third party services integration; email sequencing; zappier integrations; building beautiful squeeze pages, creating lead magnets and sales pages with HTML elements in Teachable; pricing assistance; offer stacking; SSL and domain configurations; graphics design for your courses; Re-targeting; creating your origin story, ongoing paid social management; sales funnel consultancy and ongoing support and advise on how you can improve your online Teachable business.

Each client will require different elements of our services depending on their needs, this will determine the final cost of the sales funnel build and ongoing management for any paid social activity and consultancy.

On average a teachable customer with 2 – 4 courses will pay between $700 – $1,750 for the initial build following the audit with ongoing management fees of $250-$350 each month excluding any ad-spend for advertising.  Your audit document will provide you with exact pricing and a breakdown of services enabling you to budget accordingly.  

We aim to pay for ourselves by months 2-3 through greater volumes of your course sales on Teachable coming directly from the new sales funnel.

Make your onlilne training dream a reality!

Our dedicated team of professional are ready to build your Teachable sales funnel today.